Etihad Energy


Having 2,000 Sqm workshop facility with all kinds of mechanical services offered in-house. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are well versed in their respective fields and we offer solutions for ship owners ranging from pumps and motors overhauling to governor calibration and repairs.

  • Mechanical Parts services and maintenance
  • Lathe Machine Works
  • Repairs of Pumps of different types and Boiler
  • Compressor Overhauling
  • Main Engine Repairs/ Overhauling
  • Auxilliary Engines (Generators) Repairs/ Overhauling
  • Repairs of Gear Boxes
  • Repairs of Clutches
  • Repairs of Propulsion System
  • Repairs and Overhauling of Air Conditioning
  • Repairs of All type of cooling system